Getty Images Archive – Phase One iXG 100MP and Film scanning solution

At the turn of the 21st Century London based Hulton Picture Collection merged with Archive Film and Photos, New York to create The Getty Images Hulton Archive – an impressive visual resource of over 80 million images contained within 1500 individual collections. Complimented by over 30,000 hours of archival footage and up to the minute coverage from its News, Sport, Entertainment and Motion divisions, as well as creative content, Getty Images now offers unprecedented access to the finest collection of editorial and creative visual content in the world. The Hulton collections are the direct descendant of the seminal British weekly Picture Post magazine and Archive Photos can trace their roots to Pictorial Parade, one of the oldest continuously operated photo syndication companies in the United States. Together they offer a wealth of original photographic material spanning the birth of photography to present as well as engravings, maps, cartoons, etchings, lithographs, illustrations, and related visual ephemera dating back to the very beginnings of printed media. With a number of acquisitions over the past 25 years, including Redferns, FPG and the Michael Ochs Archive, and together with a diverse range of image partners, such as the Bettmann Archive, Gamma Rapho, Corbis, Sygma, Paris Match, the archive today …

The Royal Library of Denmark

The Royal Library of Denmark holds collections of handwritten letters and records from the former Danish colonies in Tranquebar, India (1620-1845) and St. Croix, the West Indies (1672-1917). Many of these documents are faded and decayed by age, moisture, and bugs. In 2017 samples from the collections were captured using Multispectral Imaging and the results included the recovery of readability and the appearance of watermarks in the paper.

A0@300ppi Scanning with AutoColumn

The Phase iXH 150MP system provides the highest levels of resolution and flexibility, allowing for digitization of large objects such as drawings and maps, as well as smaller objects such as books and manuscripts. Its 150MP sensor delivers scanning resolutions of up to A0 @300ppi, the perfect fit for the most demanding digitization projects.   In this video, Gerald Schnittger, Phase One’s product manager, demonstrates the basic workflow and practice needed for achieving the best results. The iXH 150MP is available also with the RPS 2300XL AutoColumn copy stand. To find out more go to

Multispectral Basics

Phase One Rainbow MSI Solution offers a fully automated workflow and flexibility as well as high volume standard digitization for a wide range of application areas, which are presented during the webinar. Be inspired by the diversity of options for this innovative analysis method, often characterized as “discovery”, of hidden text, watermarks, authentic paints, hidden layers of paint and hidden details, and of writings on ancient decayed documents and palimpsest, etc.