The beauty, simplicity and drama of Black & White photography

Every photographer starts somewhere, and for many it began with a love affair for black & white imaging. The tools at the time were different, but as the tools improve the attitude can still remain the same. Phase One is one of only a few dedicated camera manufactures to still offer an entirely Black & White system. Available as 100 and 150 megapixel solutions, Phase One’s Achromatic digital backs are committed to Fine Art black & white photography, with unparalleled image quality. Join Product Manager Drew Altdoerffer for a webinar discussing the benefits of the IQ3 & IQ4 Achromatic digital backs, and Phase One’s continued love of Black & White photography.   You can download the RAW files from here:

Performing a complete firmware update of the Phase One IQ4

In this video we will look at how to update the firmware from base firmware on the Phase One IQ4 all the way through to the latest firmware. This must be done in a certain order. Please note, depending on when you received your IQ4, the base firmware may vary. In this video we have done it from the earliest version.