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Available file types on the IQ4 Digital Back

In this video we will look at the different file types and when to use these. Although it can be a little difficult to see the differences in the video, we recommend downloading the files and viewing these yourself. Download the IQ4 files here.

Landscape XT Image Editing with Paul Reiffer

Who on earth needs 151 million pixels? Well, I do. For when I’m producing images that are 10m wide for a restaurant’s diners to inspect while sat only 4ft away. For when I get a request for a different shape crop of an image I’ve taken, where the output still needs to be at extremely high resolution. For when we need to wrap a company’s entire headquarters in an image with the need for it to be sharp up-close for visitors. …in fact, for most of my clients – none of which have ever uttered the words “could you please make that shot a little less detailed?” So – who needs 151 million pixels? Who doesn’t? But with the IQ4 series from Phase One, it’s not just about resolution and the number of pixels – it’s about the quality of each of those pixels themselves. The larger the pixel, the more light it can capture – with less noise, 15 stops of dynamic range out-of-the-box, and the ability to capture even the most subtle of …