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A0@300ppi Scanning with AutoColumn

The Phase iXH 150MP system provides the highest levels of resolution and flexibility, allowing for digitization of large objects such as drawings and maps, as well as smaller objects such as books and manuscripts. Its 150MP sensor delivers scanning resolutions of up to A0 @300ppi, the perfect fit for the most demanding digitization projects.   In this video, Gerald Schnittger, Phase One’s product manager, demonstrates the basic workflow and practice needed for achieving the best results. The iXH 150MP is available also with the RPS 2300XL AutoColumn copy stand. To find out more go to

Just in the nick of time: the story of an A0 at 300ppi test

On a chilly day in early March 2020, when the Covid-19 cloud was just gathering momentum and becoming darker over Europe, I found myself travelling to Rotterdam in The Netherlands, on a half-empty plane while carrying the only working prototype (outside Phase One’s HQ) of the new iXH 150MP. It was at a time when social distancing was not yet a thing and when shaking hands was still considered appropriate. It was a little over two months ago and yet it feels like it was in a different era altogether! It was also Two and a half weeks before the planned launch date of the new camera system. High-resolution Single-shot A0 @300 ppi Capture Solution The plan for the trip was to meet up with Dick-Jan van den Berg (AKA DJ, who works for our partner, Servix) at GMS’s new premises in Sliedrecht, to install and set up a complete repro system so that we could test out our claim of the system being the first, and the best single-shot A0 @300 ppi capture solution. …