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IQ4 Mobile Platform discussion with Paul Reiffer

Our mobile devices are an integral part of our lives, and they’re proving to become an even greater part of our photography.  We were lucky enough to invite Paul Reiffer over to Denmark after 18 long months of lock-down. Getting out and getting to work, Paul Reiffer and Drew Altdoerffer explored the landscape of Denmark to put Cascable Mobile and the XT IQ4 through its paces.  The real-world use of Cascable and the XF IQ4 150MP were tested and discussed at length, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of they integration as it stands. But more importantly, discussing the opportunity that it presents for tomorrow. Our webinar discusses 3 aspects of this newly introduced workflow for the IQ4 Infinity Platform:   How is it used today  What lies ahead for the platform  What does the future of Mobile Integration mean for Paul’s discipline Join Product Manager Drew Altdoerffer and Professional Photographer Paul Reiffer as they get out and put the XT IQ4 150MP and Cascable Mobile through its paces and discuss the future implications.    You can download the RAW files from here:

Die Phase One XF Kamera – Autofokussystem

In diesem 30-minütigen Webinar erklären unsere Phase One Experten Ihnen das Autofokussystem. Fragen dazu wie man das FocusTrim Tool benutzt oder zu der Einstellung und Speicherung des hyperfokalen Punktes werden hier beantwortet. Gefolgt von einer Erklärung zur Nutzung der AFR (Autofocus and Recompose) Funktionen und wie Ihre Fotografie mit dem Single & Continuous Focus noch präziser wird.   Sie können hier die Webinarpräsentation und das Focus Trim Tool herunterladen.

Make the XF Camera System yours

Every photographer, and workflow is unique, your XF Camera should be too. No two approaches to creativity are the same. No two photographers use a camera in the same way. While almost any camera can provide “user settings”, the XF is designed to provide a completely distinct user experience for all camera controls. The XF Camera was not only designed to improve over time with added features and functions, but to allow the photographer to program the cameras features, almost entirely, to meet their specific needs.  The display of the camera, the function of each button, the visibility of tools & menus, focus, drive mode, metering, etc.  All the features that can aid a photographers workflow can be customized literally, at their fingertips.  Our webinar will illustrate 3 examples of how the features and functions of the XF can be optimized for:   Landscape Photography  Handheld Photography Studio/Fashion Photography Join Product Manager Drew Altdoerffer for a webinar discussing these three setups, and the reasons and power behind the wealth of options available in the XF Camera.    You can download the RAW files from …

Ultimate Flexibility with Frame Averaging on the IQ4 150MP

Long exposures have long been a primary compositional element of Landscape & Cityscape photographers like Paul Reiffer. The methods and application of creating long exposures can be quite challenging due to the additional accessories and technical understandings necessary to see your vision come to light. Phase One knows these challenges well, having pioneered the ability to capture 1-hour digital exposures as early as 2007. With the most recent developments of the “Infinity Platform” found in the IQ4 150MP, Phase One has taken this understanding even further and provided the ability to capture long exposure equivalents through Frame Averaging. Frame Averaging in the IQ4 150MP allows the photographer to: Capture Long exposures in daylight without filters Stop and save an exposure to accommodate unforeseen interruptions Instantly review the RAW file results without further processing Join Product Manager Drew Altdoerffer & Paul Reiffer as they speak about the science behind Frame Averaging, the application of the tool, and the image quality benefits provided by thinking outside the box when it comes to Digital Photography.   You can download the RAW files from here: …