Journal digitization workflow with the iXG Camera System

  After sponsoring a trip across the American southwest for a recent ebook, Phase One received a handwritten journal from landscape photographer Christian Fletcher that was kept during the journey. The journal contains drawings, stories from the road, thoughts about composition and color, and even snapshots with camera settings. We gave the journal to photographer and Phase One Test Engineer Marc Melgosa to digitize using the iXG Camera System. In this article, Marc describes the workflow he used for this digitization project, and how he uses his position in Phase One to better understand our responsibility as photographers when it comes to our cultural heritage. First off, let’s talk a bit about the iXG. What does the iXG contribute to a bound material workflow that other solutions do not? One of the main differences between other solutions that I worked with is the fact I can position the lens in the same place accurately, which allows me to capture each page in a fast and precise way. Combined with Capture One CH, I have all …

Carl Van Vechten slide collection digitization

An inside look into the New York Public Library’s project to digitize their collection of slides by Dance Critic, Novelist, Journalist, and Photographer Carl Van Vechten. His preoccupation with the dance performers of his day lead him to capture thousands of unique and colorful images. This video takes a look into the process of digitizing over 800 of these slides using the Phase One iXG, provided by Digital Transitions. Images ©Van Vechten Trust