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Artist talk with Isamu Sawa

Isamu Sawa is one of Australia’s leading commercial photographers, with a career spanning more than 25 years. He has worked for high-level commercial clients including Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Renault, IWC, Schweppes and Penfolds. His editorial work has also featured in GQ, Mercedes Benz Magazine and Vogue, shooting portraits of well-known identities including fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier and actor Geoffrey Rush.

Artist talk with Gregory Essayan

An attorney by profession, Gregory has developed a successful “shadow career” pursuing his lifelong passion/obsession with photography. His fine art images have now found homes with collectors worldwide and reside in the permanent collection of the Yale Art Gallery. With a new gallery opening in Italy and a book in the making, Greg returned from Italy literally hours before the pandemic lockdowns began. Greg will share some of his thoughts, insights, and techniques surrounding his latest work from Venice, he currently packs his Jeep, hits the road and finds fine art subject matter closer to home with his “Made in America” series. The webinar is moderated by digital image expert, Murray Elliott, of Mega Pixels Digital.  

Studio Photography with Leila Jeffreys

Leila Jeffreys is an acclaimed Australian contemporary artist. She is best known for visceral and mysterious images of birds that explore and subvert the traditions of portraiture. Her avian subjects are photographed at human scale with a startling attention to colour, line, form and composition. Leila collaborates with conservationists, ornithologists and sanctuaries around the world to find her subjects before forging an intimate relationship with the birds that she photographs in her studio. Through Jeffreys’ gaze, seemingly minor details such as the shape of a cockatoo’s beak, the rise and fall of a budgerigar’s plumage and the curious expression that flits across the face of a hawk are freighted with meaning. Leila has exhibited in galleries around the globe, most recently and most ambitiously being her solo show ‘High Society’ which was exhibited in the Olsen Gallery in Sydney and Olsen Gruin in New York. In addition to her exhibitions Leila has published an award winning book ‘Birdland’ and has featured in many publications including The Guardian, Vogue, Australia Geographic, Harpers Bazaar and many more. …

Landscape XT Image Editing with Paul Reiffer

Who on earth needs 151 million pixels? Well, I do. For when I’m producing images that are 10m wide for a restaurant’s diners to inspect while sat only 4ft away. For when I get a request for a different shape crop of an image I’ve taken, where the output still needs to be at extremely high resolution. For when we need to wrap a company’s entire headquarters in an image with the need for it to be sharp up-close for visitors. …in fact, for most of my clients – none of which have ever uttered the words “could you please make that shot a little less detailed?” So – who needs 151 million pixels? Who doesn’t? But with the IQ4 series from Phase One, it’s not just about resolution and the number of pixels – it’s about the quality of each of those pixels themselves. The larger the pixel, the more light it can capture – with less noise, 15 stops of dynamic range out-of-the-box, and the ability to capture even the most subtle of …