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Multispectral Basics

Phase One Rainbow MSI Solution offers a fully automated workflow and flexibility as well as high volume standard digitization for a wide range of application areas, which are presented during the webinar. Be inspired by the diversity of options for this innovative analysis method, often characterized as “discovery”, of hidden text, watermarks, authentic paints, hidden layers of paint and hidden details, and of writings on ancient decayed documents and palimpsest, etc.

Studio Photography & adapting to the times with Geoff Ang

Geoff Ang has a celebrated career as a fashion and commercial photographer spanning over 28 years. Starting out as a still life photographer Geoff has always had a strong interest in studio lighting. Geoff spoke about his experiences of Medium Format in the studio in addition to how he has adjusted his setup for the current times. Geoff will be going into detail about his innovative studio setup which has allowed him to work on commercial shoots in recent times.  

The Process of a Narrative, Concept through to Execution with Philip Jarmain

Philip started his career in the film industry, lighting feature films, and episodic television. He then moved into commercial photography and fine art photography. When he made this transition, he was most passionate about imagery with a strong narrative. In the film industry, they had systems that had been developed in Hollywood over the last century – these systems weren’t as prevalent in photography. When he transitioned into photography applying these “Hollywood” systems to a remarkably similar art form allowed him to tackle more complex projects with relative ease. Focusing on the process ensured a decent end result. This method allows him to focus on the creative and spend more of his time enjoying the collaborative process of photography with other talented artists and technicians.  

The story behind a series with Murray Fredericks

From the start of his career Murray Fredericks process has involved prolonged solo journeys to remote and often extreme locations. Adventure and endurance have never been goals in themselves and neither have the journeys been ‘spiritual’ or ‘monastic’ undertakings. By their very nature, though, the locations are difficult to access and require large amounts time spent in them to move the compositions past the ‘surface exotic’. Murray Fredericks is represented by Hamiltons Gallery in London, Arc One Gallery in Melbourne and Annandale Galleries in Sydney. His works are exhibited internationally and around Australia. Works sit in major public and private and corporate collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, National Portrait Gallery, Elton John, Valentino, RBS, Commonwealth Bank and Macquarie Bank Collections.