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Artist talk with Leif Steiner

After 20 years of working as a creative director in the advertising industry, Leif Steiner walked away from a successful career, sold most of his possessions, and began a multiyear project — photographing and interviewing indigenous cultures around the world.  

Evolution with Michael Muller

Michael Muller has been taking photos for 35 years. He has shot everything from athletes to actors to some of the biggest campaigns in the world. He also turns his lens on refugees and sharks. Michael lives by the Darwin Moto evolve or die, and applies this to all his work  

The creative process with Iden Ford

Iden will discuss his photography journey and his creative workflow process. He will also cover how you’ll need like-minded partners who share and value your creative vision to fulfill a career path in photography. Iden is pleased to share the lessons and experiences that shaped his journey as a photographer. Through hard work, creativity and perseverance, he built a network of friends and clients at leading brands such Bell Media and City TV which led Iden to cover 5 seasons of Letterkenny and Bad Blood, Dance Ontario Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, the IMDB website for various tv series including CTV, CityTV, Crave, Netflix, CBS television and NBC, The TTC and highway billboards.  

Un viaje fotográfico entre proyectos artísticos y comerciales with Jean Bérard

Buscando definir su propio camino, Jean nos platicará de este gran viaje personal y profesional, en el cual la fotografía le ha permitido desarrollar su estilo entre el arte y el comercio. De origen multicultural, Jean valora la importancia de la curiosidad y de la experimentación continua sobre su evolución artística y creativa. Tratando de minimizar la compartimentalización de estilos, Jean nos comentará como estos proyectos artísticos se han vuelto una fuente de inspiración constante para sus trabajos comerciales.