XF Camera System

Make the XF Camera System yours

Every photographer, and workflow is unique, your XF Camera should be too.

No two approaches to creativity are the same. No two photographers use a camera in the same way. While almost any camera can provide “user settings”, the XF is designed to provide a completely distinct user experience for all camera controls.

The XF Camera was not only designed to improve over time with added features and functions, but to allow the photographer to program the cameras features, almost entirely, to meet their specific needs. 

The display of the camera, the function of each button, the visibility of tools & menus, focus, drive mode, metering, etc. 

All the features that can aid a photographers workflow can be customized literally, at their fingertips. 

Our webinar will illustrate 3 examples of how the features and functions of the XF can be optimized for:  

  • Landscape Photography 
  • Handheld Photography
  • Studio/Fashion Photography

Join Product Manager Drew Altdoerffer for a webinar discussing these three setups, and the reasons and power behind the wealth of options available in the XF Camera. 


You can download the RAW files from here: